Updates from last week

Hi all

Sorry for not posting earlier, we spent the weekend Marie Kondo-ing our home which left time for little else!!

Last week we welcomed Sota, a baritone who has come for a sing and a listen, who works with Neil and who is from Japan! How cool.

Updates from our board meeting are as follows.

1. We are thinking of recording a few songs. Don’t be alarmed if you see Alec setting up the recording equipment at rehearsals and taking some snippets over the next month or so.

2. Did you know that The Real Sing has an Instagram page? Follow therealsing

Also Vicki has put together a Spotify playlist of some of the songs we sing...but not of us singing them if that makes sense - ‘The Real Sing Playlist’.

3. With much reluctance, we formally accepted Carole resignation. Keep the RSVPs coming for her farewell party.

4. We have decided not to do a catch up with the Brunswick Women’s Choir, Sing North or Guildford this year. Holler if you have a view!

5. We made the decision to not subsidise Fremantle Songfest. We are conscious of the extremely hard work everyone put into carols in December and it would be nice to put our kitty towards recognition of that effort. We have decided instead to try and subsidise Dunsborough, given that it is a more significant cost.

6. Jukebox is back - 10 minutes at the end of each rehearsal where you can request something. Have a think about what you might like to revive!

7. Stay tuned for a notice of Special General Meeting to pass amendments to our Constitution.

Last week we sang through:

Man in the Mirror (everyone)

Elastic Heart

White Winter Hymnal

The Nearness of You (everyone)

Lonesome Loser

Autumn Leaves

Make your own kind of music

When the earth stands still (very beginnings)

and Boogie Woogie to finish on request

Please make sure you don’t have music for Autumn Leaves and Make Your Own Kind of Music for Thursday (as per last week). Please listen to your parts of When the Earth Stands Still (how lovely is it?) and thank you Coralie for your effort in putting the recordings together.

See you soon,



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