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President's Update 12th March

Hi all,

A bit of a smaller group last night, but we still had a good sing.

Covid-19 and TRS: The board will be meeting for a chat on the implications on Covid-19 for TRS on Sunday and will be formulating an action plan to share with you all. If you having any thoughts you would like the board to consider regarding Covid-19, please send me an email before midday Sunday and I will include in our discussions. In the meantime, we are going with the general advice being issued by the Department of Health in Australia.

"At this time the AHPPC (Australian Health Protection Principal Committee) .......strongly recommend that people that are unwell with cough or fever or other respiratory symptoms should not attend public events or gatherings. This is particularly so for people who have recently travelled from overseas."

Bank Account Change: As of last week, we have moved our bank account from St George to Commonwealth Bank as it is better suited to our needs. All future bank transfers for fees etc. will need to be sent to the Commonwealth. Please take note of the new bank details on the Term Fee invoices when they are next sent out. I will remind you all again so don't be too concerned about forgetting.

Last Night we sang:

Free Falling

All I have to do is Dream (small groups)


Georgia on My Mind

He's Gone Away

These Boots are made for Walking

Underneath the Stars (small group)

Thanks everyone, keep smiling :)



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