Hi all

It was great to be back and singing on Thursday!

1. Welcome back to Shirley and congratulations for passing your re-audition - it was never in doubt!!

2. Unfortunately we don’t have the numbers for the Busselton Fringe event this year. I will cancel it on the website so if you receive an email from Wix that is why. I know some will head down anyway because it sounds great. Perhaps we can try for next year?

3. We had a board meeting on Monday. Highlights as follows.

a. If you are absent from a rehearsal, we will send you a quick email letting you know what we have covered so that you can practice and not feel out of the loop.

b. We have decided to have a briefing before each performance so we can give direction on how to move on and off stage.

c. We have a list of 15 possible new songs, based on your suggestions. Coralie is arranging 3 (possibly 4?), the board will be purchasing 2 (one carol and one for the girls). Of the remaining 9, we have found arrangements for 5 and Coralie would have to arrange 4. We will have a think about the best way to have a vote to pick a couple out of those 9.

d. In terms of gigs for 2019, Cottesloe (paid), Dunsborough (not paid) and carols (paid) are definites. Guildford (not paid) and a Christmas in July (paid) are maybes. We’re also looking at doing a possibly paid gig at Midland Hospital, and we may look at options for a charity gig. The general approach will be to give ourselves the first part of the year to get some new repertoire under our belts, before doing more gigs in the latter parts of the year.

4. We are all thinking of Lorna and sending our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

5. Please practice Make Your Own Kind of Music (no part recordings yet), Autumn Leaves and Nearness of You (except Shirley, I hear you’ve practiced it quite enough!!) for next week.

Have a great long weekend!

Stay cool,



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