Hi all

A great sing on Thursday as we worked through the list for Cottesloe.

Cottesloe is next Sunday (18th).

1. Please promote it is as much as possible to friends, family, colleagues and strangers as it is a great opportunity for us to get some money in the kitty if we can pull a good crowd. We have a beautiful flyer for you to distribute, thanks to Marianne. She has set the bar high with original artwork this year!

2. Thank you to Amanda and Elena who have put the flyer in a few local businesses in Cottesloe. Thanks Paul for arranging an announcement on his community radio station. Thank you Coralie for attending this week's Music for Pleasure concert and promoting ours.

3. Meet to warm up and sing through a couple of songs onstage at 2pm at the Cottesloe Civic Centre, 109 Broome Street, Cottesloe.

4. The concert is from 3pm. We will have one 45-minute set, followed by afternoon tea (usually 20 minutes or so), and then a second 45-minute set.

5. There is plenty of street parking around.

6. Wear black and white (for our newbies, this means any clothes provided they are black, white or black and white - try to avoid patterns, greys, etc).

7. Please bring something to share for afternoon tea.

8. Alec will be recording our Cottesloe show with the help of Vicki's husband Mark. It requires a bit of effort to get the equipment there and to make sure it sounds right. Thank you Alec. Please everyone say thanks to Mark when you see him.

9. Gary will be lugging the risers along for us to use - thank you Gary.

10. Thanks to Shirley, Marcia, Neil, Geoff, Nell and Jane for volunteering to speak. It is much appreciated.

11. Many thanks to Frank and Ellen who have offered to take money for tickets at the door. We will also have a list at the door where people attending the gig can add their email address to be notified about upcoming gigs, etc.

12. At our next rehearsal we will run through the Cottesloe songs and script (and focus on those songs we didn't get to last week), and Neil will take us through some stage presence tips. There is one minor change to the list, which is that we will be finishing the show by singing Boogie Woogie as a tribute to Lorna.

In other news, we will have our AGM on 5 September. All positions will be up for election and all members are most welcome to join or re-join the board. Please make every effort to attend the AGM so that we have quorum.

We are required to send final numbers for Dunsborough on 25 August, so if you were a maybe, we now need to know either way.

We will be starting to practice carols at rehearsals after Cottesloe - stay tuned.

See you on Thursday,



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