Hi all

A great sing tonight, despite the somewhat chaotic moments!

1. If you are wanting to attend the weekend New Norcia rehearsal camp, please RSVP no later than tomorrow (Friday). At the moment it is not looking like we will have the numbers - if that happens, we will try again next year.

2. Accommodation is booked for Halcyon Bay, thank you for your swift attention to the invoices.

3. Marianne has produced a stunning flyer for Cottesloe (using an image of her own painting) which I will circulate so you can start generating interest in tickets. Tickets will be available at the door but we also have an option to book in advance (using The Real Sing email address). The details are on the flyer.

4. The Peppermint Concert is on 28 July at the Hensman Park Tennis Club in South Perth, starting at 3pm. Supper (including a bar) will be provided after the concert. Please contact either Alec (alecduncan1000@gmail.com) or Nell (nell_morgan@hotmail.com) for tickets.

See you next week,