Hi singers,

1. Please RSVP to Cottesloe on the website (or comment below or send an email) if you haven’t already done so. I will circulate an updated song list soon (hopefully tonight) - the additions will be After the Goldrush, I’m a Believer and Make Your Own Kind of Music. If you need to use music for the next few weeks, please make sure everything you need is printed or located in your folder.

2. We have a potential bass (George) and a potential tenor (Andrea) coming along to rehearsal next week.

3. Thanks for your interest in purchasing a TRS water bottle. For those that weren’t there, Neil talked to us about different options for water bottles (for those longer gigs where people would prefer to take water onstage). The idea is for us all to have matching water bottles which don’t clang when knocked over, to tidy up our stage presence.

4. On Thursday we worked on Supertramp, Concrete and Clay, River of Love, Over the Rainbow, Walk in the Light, When the Earth Stands Still and the ladies worked on The Bird’s Lullaby. We sang through Let My Love for jukebox.

Have a fab week everyone,