Hi choristers

1. Thank you for a fantastic weekend at Fremantle. The feedback on our singing has been very positive. Special shout out to Alec for carting the keyboard (and also effecting emergency repairs on Friday morning so that it was functional), Gary for his hilarious pubic speaking (yes that one was deliberate), Coz for her patience and fortitude in herding us all weekend (and she literally was there all weekend) and Paul for keeping our drinks topped up and huge organisational efforts.

In the whirlwind of the weekend, we forgot that we had two virgins in our midst! Special recognition to Amanda and Sota who performed with us for the first time. We will initiate you properly at Cottesloe.

If you have any comments about Fremantle which you didn't get a chance to convey tonight, please let us know and we will discuss them on Monday.

2. Congratulations to Sota for passing your audition tonight!!!

We worked on When the Earth Stands Still, Parting Glass and the Birds' Lullaby.

The rest of the time we had a bit of an extended juke box session with potential songs for Cottesloe (and some just for fun), including Blackbird, The Earth Anthem, Sanctuary, Walk in the Light and Travelling Shoes.

3. If you have a theme suggestion for Cottesloe or would like to build on Caryn's idea of "Entwined: Songs of Nature and Love" please reach out - you are a creative bunch. Cottesloe is 18 August, which is under 12 weeks for us to get 18-20 songs up to scratch.

4. We have a board meeting on Monday.

I had a lot of fun singing with you tonight!

See you all next week,