Hi all

1. Good to hear that Sara is in recovery from her surgery. We hope the pain improves and you get discharged soon.

2. Please attend to Term 2 Fees.

3. Sunday 18 August is Cottesloe - please add it to your diaries. We will also be asking for input into a "theme" for the afternoon (because we won't be doing audience choice like we usually do). Have a think and I'll ask for your suggestions in the next few weeks.

4. You should have received my email with the final running sheet, program and updated song list from tonight. To clarify, on Sunday we arrive at 10.30am for Brunch and we will be singing in the Ampitheatre at around 11am (just one song). Then we will go to the Church for our session and sing at 12.20pm. I have sent off the lyrics to Dock of the Bay and Video to Matt and for those who managed to lose their wristbands in the space of a week...not naming any names...he said to go to the Box Office to get a new one when you arrive (I have given him your names).

5. Marianne received an email from the UWA researcher who is following up invitations. She will be sending around a link by 20 May, so if you haven't sent in your consent and would like to participate, send it ASAP.

6. Our Board Meeting was postponed due to not having enough of us available, so we will meet on 27 May instead.

7. Tonight we sang through the Fremantle song list.

See you tomorrow night!!


P.S. Remember to vote on Saturday!