Hi all

Thank you for a great time last night!

1. Please read the updated descriptions of the carols gigs for meeting times and locations, and singing times.

2. We have TWO additional gigs confirmed at the Airport on Thursday night and Saturday evening (hold me back on the dramatic eye rolling). If you said you could sing last night, please RSVP to each airport gig on the website. If it’s not working, feel free to comment below or email me.

Sincere thanks for being such good sports about it. They didn’t even blink at our inflated hourly rate!

3. We have been invited to participate in the Busselton Fringe Festival on Sunday, 3 March 2019. The idea is to drive down by Sunday lunchtime, have an afternoon concert, an evening concert, a singalong party type event, stay overnight and drive back on Monday, 4 March (which is the Labour Day public holiday). Most people seemed pretty interested in participating - if you have a strong view, let me know.

I won’t see you now until next year - I’m off to freeze in London with Will’s family!!!

Have a safe and enjoyable break.

Merry Christmas,



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