• Vicki

Update from Stevo

"Autumn Leaves" is starting to come together, and is going to sound great.


We now have 3 gigs for singing Carols, but before I can confirm our booking, I need to ensure we have sufficient members available. Can you then please respond with your availability, as soon as, for the following:

Saturday, the 1st December from 1730 hrs to 1930 hrs.

RAC Xmas Pageant. as roving Carolers.

Wednesday, 5th December from 1800 hrs to 2000 hrs

Carols at Perth City Farm Twilight Markets.

Wednesday, 19th or Friday, 21st December from 1100 hrs to 1300 hrs

Carols at Morley Galleria

We are still targeting to sing 5-6 gigs in the Xmas period, so hopefully we can get a couple more.