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TRS update 31 Oct 19

Hi all,

Firstly, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Cathryn and Will on the safe arrival of baby Thomas on the 1st. We are all so thrilled to hear of his arrival and wish you all many happy and wonder-filled times ahead in your little family.

It was our 2nd last rehearsal before Dunsborough on Thursday and thanks for a good turn out at Hensman Park Tennis Club for a once off change of rehearsal venue. Thanks to Alec for organising this venue for us - your work was much appreciated.

A few points for this week.

1. Dunsborough -We have decided to wear - black and white for the Saturday afternoon and for the Sunday morning performances. Can we please remember to wear black closed in shoes for the more formal performances. All other performances are low-key. You can choose to wear what you would like on Friday evening and Saturday morning sings.

Please remember to bring your wrist bands along with you as I don't have any spares. Geoff, I still have yours and will pass them along to you on Thursday.

Dunsborough Songfest - Full weekend programme

Performer Information - please read

Accommodation: https://www.halcyonbay.com.au/

Accommodation: House numbers

If you need any further information, please let me know.

Our final rehearsal will be this Thursday, so can we all please do our best to make it to this rehearsal to iron out any final issues we may have. If you are not performing, it is fine for you to have the night off, of course, you are more than welcome to come along if you would prefer.

2. Carols at the airport: have been confirmed for Friday 20th December from 2-5pm and Sunday 22nd December 2-4pm. Thanks to everyone who has shown their availability for these sessions. More details will follow regarding carol performances.

3. Drink bottles - are on their way. If we are lucky they will arrive this week. If not, we will definitely have them in time for Christmas gigs.

Excuse me if I have forgotten anything this week, I am just a bit consumed thinking about the new arrival to the TRS family! Congratulations again Cathryn and Will xx



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