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TRS Update 14.11.19

Hi all,

A festive sing this week with the start of carols for 2019. With Dunsborough Songfest 2019 behind us, we had a quick debrief before getting into singing. Thanks for all of your input - we will discuss points raised at the board meeting on Monday. Just a few reminders this week:

1. Board Meeting - will be held this Monday 18th. If you have any agenda items, please send them through to Marianne and the board will discuss in detail on Monday night.

2. Drink Bottles - Have arrived - thanks Neil for arranging. If you haven't received one as yet and would like one, please have a chat to Neil. Invoices have been sent out for payment, if you could please organise payment for this, if you haven't done so already - thanks.

3. Dinner @ Dunsborough - if you joined in the meal on Saturday night at Dunsborough, could you please organise to send through $12.00 to the TRS bank account as reimbursement for Sara. Thanks all.

4.Christmas Carols - the board are working hard at securing a couple more sessions of carols during December. So far our definite dates are the 20th and the 22nd December at the airport. We will send more details out as potential gigs arise.

5. TRS Christmas Party - remember to keep the night of 13th December free for our Christmas Party at the Windsor Hotel. After reviewing the survey regarding dinner options, the majority of the choir wished to go with the $34.00 pp option, so we will go ahead with that. More details regarding this party will be coming out to you shortly.

6. Photos from Dunsborough - if you or your partner has taken any photos of the choir during the weekend that would be suitable for the website, would you please send them through to me. It would be great to upload some recent photos to the site. Thanks.

Thanks all. Have a great week.



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