The Late Update - early

Hi ladies and gents

I am an apology for tonight - I am resting my voice - so here are the updates early!

1. Well done for Sunday. It was a very relaxed performance and great to have Shirley sing with us and see Frank. Even though the low audience numbers almost guaranteed that Steve won the raffle, we will think about our options for next year and whether our efforts could be expended in a better way.

2. For those attending the recording on Sunday, it is 2pm to 5pm at Crank Recording, 385 Newcastle St, Northbridge.

3. Kenn has decided not to continue on singing with TRS because of the challenge of the repertoire. He wanted to pass along his thanks "to everyone for their individual and collective welcoming into the choir and special appreciation for the MD magic that is Coralie"". He also very kindly donated his Dunsborough accommodation fees to the choir. I have thanked him for his efforts and his donation.

4. Martin has also advised that he is unable to find the time to commit to TRS at the moment (I believe he travels interstate for work).

4. The main take-outs from the Board meeting are as follows (the minutes will be uploaded to the website shortly).

a. We will be having a special general meeting in mid-November to deal with amendments to our Constitution.

b. Going forward, Steve is going to be the nominated person to keep track of absences and leave. So please email Steve (cc Coralie) if you will be absent for a rehearsal or performance, or if you have a leave request.

c. We are actively recruiting for Sopranos, Tenors and Basses!

d. We won't be submitting an expression of interest for Denmark Festival of Voice next year. We could perhaps do another rehearsal camp instead, which we will discuss in the new year.

e. Please provide me with your song suggestions for next year by 11 November 2018.

I think that's all...phew!

Hopefully in harmony,



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