Presidents Update 30/1/20

Hi all,

Nice work last night guys on the last full rehearsal before the big fundraising gig next Saturday.

Dress Rehearsal:

We will be having a dress rehearsal next Thursday the 6th at 7.00pm at Christ Church Grammar School's chapel. You kind find a campus map here with the car park and chapel circled in red.

The address of the school is:

Christ Church Grammar School

Queenslea Drive


We will be doing a full run through of the gig from top to bottom so please come along on the night ready to sing. We are hoping to sing straight through without a lot of stopping and starting as we are time limited in the chapel on this night and are sharing this time with both Peppermint and Iris.

Stage Dress: Full blacks (tops and bottoms) with closed shoes

Tickets: Please continue to push online ticket sales for this gig as ticket sales at the door would be best kept to a minimum. If you would like to make a donation toward this gig, there is a donation link on the Trybooking link where you can donate funds towards this cause.

Group Photo - Will Palfrey will be coming along on Saturday evening to take some photos for us at the wonderful venue. We will be asking all members to be available to this group photo as it will be our main promotional shot for the year and would like most faces to be included. Meeting time for photo will be advised over the next week.

Thanks all, see you all next week at Christ Church.