• Vicki

President's Update 3/10/19

Hi all,

Nice to see you all again last night after having a few forced weeks away - it is always good to get back to singing.

Just a couple of points this week:

1. This week's practice: Coralie has requested that we all do some intensive work on Hit the Road Jack this week with the aim to be singing without music next week. Can we also have a good listen to our practice parts for Lonesome Loser a well as trying to sing through the songs on the Dunsborough Song List (download here). Thanks all, this will be a great weekend so all of your efforts now will pay off in the long run! I will be uploading the SATB version of Stand By Me to the website later today for those that do not have a copy.

2. Our rehearsal venue for 31st October will need to be shifted due to St Mary's being unavailable. Alec has sourced the Hensman Park Tennis Club for that night as a one off replacement venue. I will send you all through a reminder and a map in the week prior to that rehearsal.

3. We have now received the first draft of the Dunsborough Song Fest performance schedule. You can download a copy for your own reference: Dunsborough Schedule 2019.

4. I have put up a small poll regarding the water bottles, can you please register your interest (or if you are not interested) here

5. Term invoices will be emailed out to you in the next day or so.

Thanks all. Have a great week