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President's Update 24/10/19

Hi all,

Thanks for a good sing last night. Many of our pieces are coming together nicely and Dunsborough looks set to be a great weekend.

A couple of things to mention to this week:

1.Nev has asked us to do a bit of a surprise sing for his parents anniversary celebrations this Saturday at Kings Park. We have been able to get a small group together to sing Only You and Over the Rainbow. If you are able to make it along for a short sing, it would be very much appreciated by Nev. We will meet at 2.30 near Zamia Cafe at the Synergy Parkland area of the park. See you all there if you can make it. My phone is: 0402004515 if you need to get in contact on the day.

2.Airport Carols 2019 - we have been contacted with a view to performing for them between the dates 20th - 23rd December. It will be quite an intensive undertaking for us, so at the moment, we just need to get an idea of availability and numbers before we fully commit. If you could respond to the small survey here and we will make an assessment. We are hoping to try and share the load and at this stage there is not an expectation that you will be required to perform all days. If you are available please mark all of your available days in order for us to try and formulate a roster with good numbers across all sections. It is quite a lucrative gig for us, so it is well worth the effort for TRS to try and take these gigs if at all possible.

Airport availability survey please complete by Sunday night - thanks

3. Next week's rehearsal will be held at Hensman Park Tennis Club Hall due to St Mary's being unavailable. We will be meeting at the same time.

You can find a map here

Address: Anstey Street, South Perth WA 6151.

4. Fees are now due, so if you could arrange payment if you haven't already done so, that would be fab.

5. Songs performed this rehearsal:

Hit the Road Jack

Lonesome Loser

Concrete and Clay

Autumn Leaves

Caravan of Love

Lullaby of the Birds

Nearness of You

Stand by Me

Let My Love Open the Door

Helplessly Hoping

Make Your Own Kind of Music

When the Earth Stands Still

Thanks all, have a great week filled with lots of singing.



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