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President's Update 20th Feb

Hi all,

We have a couple of updates this week for you all.

1) Resignation: Sadly, we have received an email from Cathryn this week tendering her resignation from the choir. The arrival of little Thomas has filled Cathryn and Will's hearts, but also their days (and nights), leaving little time for much else at the moment. Of course, we all understand the reasons behind her resignation and it was with a heavy heart she came to this decision.

We will miss you greatly Cathryn and we thank you for all you have done for TRS since joining our ranks. We wish you all of the best and hope to see you back singing with us in the near future.

2) Brian Marsden who has been along to try out in the baritones section has decided not to join TRS as he just has too much on his plate with work and commitments at the moment. We wish him all of the best for his future singing ventures.

3) This week's music: Can you please take the time to have a listen to the new voice recordings Coralie has made for Valparaiso this week. We will be having a look at this one in detail at rehearsal. Please also bring along your music for:

And I Love Her

Take Me Home


She's Gone Away

Parting Glass


and Underneath the Stars if you sing in this small group.

We may sing any of these pieces, so bring all of this music along just in case. I will let you know by email this week if you need to bring along any other music.

4) Choir absences: Just a reminder that if you are unable to attend rehearsals for any reason, can you please let Marianne, Coralie and myself know by email prior to rehearsal. Thanks if you have been doing this already.

5) Georgian Banquet: Matthew Clements has asked us to spread the word about this upcoming event:

WHEN:    Saturday 07 March 2020 WHERE:  Home of Clive and Monica Lacey, East Fremantle  TIME:       Arrive 6pm for drinks and entrees.  Dinner at 7pm PRICE:     $75 per head includes all food and wine                   Discount options available BENEFIT: Remote Georgian primary schools to encourage cultural studies

"A GEORGIAN SUPRA is a community banquet with food, speeches, drinking and singing.  It is a uniquely Georgian experience.

Full details can be found here if you are interested: Georgian Supra

Thanks all, have a great week and we will see you all on Thursday.



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