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President's Update 13/2/20

Hi guys,

Firstly, I would like to say a big thanks to all of you for your efforts at the fundraising last Saturday. Your enthusiasm to jump on board for this cause was so much appreciated and I am so pleased to let you all know we raised in total $8068.94 which will be sent out to Red Cross and Wires over the next week.

I have received a message from Helen from Peppermint saying that they all really enjoyed this concert, with both choirs performing and especially joining together for Fix You. Also, Nick from Peppermint has taken some great photos which have been uploaded to our Facebook and Instagram and will be added to our website gallery later in the week.

Just a few things to mention this week:

1. Board Meeting: We have a board meeting this Monday the 17th of Feb, so if you have anything to raise, please send through as an agenda item to Marianne by Sunday. We will be finalising this years potential performances and once complete, we will send out a timeline of events for 2020.

2. Pritinder has contacted us and advised that she feels two choirs, combined with a very busy job would make her unable to commit to TRS in the way she would need to. Therefore she has decided not to audition at this stage. She has thanked all of us for her warm welcome and promises to say hi when she sees us at festivals etc.

3. Small groups: Coralie is hoping to make small groups a part of our practice and potentially our performances for this year. Everyone will be given the opportunity to perform in a small group and she has several pieces in mind. If you really do not feel comfortable with performing in a small group on stage, please let me know and I will pass along to Coralie. All members may be called on to practice in small groups as a rehearsal strategy as it assists in developing our singing skills.

4. New music: Coralie is in the process of recording parts for our new pieces. As you can all imagine, this is a huge job, so once she has completed this, I will upload them to the website and let you all know. If there is not a recording online of a part for any of the old repertoire, you may be best to record the part on your phone alongside someone who knows the part well during rehearsal. This should assist with your home practice.

Thanks everyone. Have a great week :)



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