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President's Update 12/9/19

Hi all,

Thanks for a good sing last night. Welcome back to Jon, who returned looking refreshed after his holiday - nice to have you back! We also wish Nev a very happy birthday from all of the gang.

Just a couple of points this week:

1. Heart and Lung Transplant Foundation Thanksgiving Ceremony - thanks to all who were able to make it along on Saturday for the ceremony. We had a good sing, the sound was great and your efforts were all very much appreciated as mentioned by Sharon who came along tonight in person to thank us.

2. Website updates - I have been doing a few updates in the Music Index. If you find any missing or broken links, could you please let me know and I will fix up. I have added all of the sound files and updated sheet music for Hit the Road Jack, as well as the gig recordings from Cottesloe, which you can find under "Recordings" in the members section.

3. Dunsborough Song List - We are on the countdown to Dunsborough now with 8 rehearsals remaining. If we could all take the time to review the pieces below that would be great - let's make this a cracker of a weekend and show them the pure awesomeness that is TRS. Suggestions for pieces to sing at the morning market are most welcome, send along ideas to the board for discussion on Monday.

Current Song List

Make Your Own Kind of Music

Concrete and Clay

Parting Glass

Nearness of You

God Only Knows

Autumn Leaves

The Bird’s Lullaby

When the Earth Stands Still

Caravan of Love

Hit the Road Jack

4. Board Meeting - Mon 16th Sept - if you have any agenda items, please let Marianne know and she will make sure we address on Monday.

Thanks for making it to the end of my ramblings, have a great week,



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