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President's Update 10/10

Hi all,

Thanks all for a good sing on Thursday. We now have only 4 rehearsals left until Dunsborough!!, It would be great if we could all make an extra hard push to get on top of our pieces and for as many of us as possible to make it along to rehearsal over the next few weeks. This is going to be a great weekend!!

Just a few items to mention this week:

1. Dunsborough: We have now received the wristbands for the weekend. Most of you would have already received this at the last rehearsal. Can you please come and see me next rehearsal if you haven't received as yet.

Dunsborough song list can be found here

Dunsborough draft timetable can be found here

2. Hit the Road Jack: Coralie was planning on perhaps doing some small group work next week with this piece, so could we all listen to the recordings and work through this piece fully with a view to singing it without music next week.

3. Fees - Term 4 invoices have now been sent out and are due for payment. Thanks to everyone who has paid to date.

4. Christmas Party: We have made a tentative booking of the Restaurant Deck area at the Windsor Hotel for Friday 13th December. We have set up a small survey which you can find here. The survey will allow us to get an understanding of numbers and what the majority of us are prepared to spend for the food for the night. Can you please respond asap and we will be able to make a firm booking with the Windsor. If you have any specific dietary requirements, can you please advise in the survey as well.

5. Drink Bottles: Thanks to all who have responded to the drink bottle survey. The result has been a resounding yes, so we will be moving ahead and ordering these within the next week. If you still need to respond to the survey, can you please organise to do this in the next day or so. Thanks to Neil for organising this for us.

Rehearsal pieces 10/10:

Autumn Leaves

Hit the Road Jack

Concrete and Clay

Lonesome Loser

Make Your Own Kind of Music

When the Earth Stands Still

Birds Lullaby


That is it from me, have a great week everyone.



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