• Vicki

From the President 27/9/18

Hi clever choristers,

  1. We were all very shocked and saddened to hear that Shirley has had to leave the choir for now. She is irreplaceable, so let's keep in touch with her and hopefully she will be back before not too long.

  2. I sent an email earlier in the week attaching the draft programme for Dunsborough. We are performing on Friday night at the Old Dunsbourough Hall, Saturday arvo at the Old Dunsborough Hall, Saturday night at Our Lady of the Cape Primary School and Sunday morning at the Catholic Church.

  3. The recording of the Earth Anthem will be on Sunday 14 October from 2pm to 5pm at Crank Recording, 385 Newcastle Street, Northbridge.

  4. We have a board meeting on 9 October. Please send your agenda items to Vicki (vickimc@iinet.net.au).

  5. The new songs have improved a lot - well done for putting the work in. A reminder that we will sing Elastic Heart with no music next week.

  6. The format for Rockingham will be similar to Cottesloe - we will pick a song to open each set (those songs TBC) and then the rest will be audience choice. Could I please have volunteers for introductions? At the moment the song list is attached (click here for link), but Coralie might cull a few more next week.

Thank you for your patience and tolerance tonight!!

Hopefully in harmony,