• Vicki

From the President 13.9.18

Hi Guys

I’m writing this prior to choir (how efficient is that!!).

Choir will finish for most of us at 9.15pm this evening. Baritones and basses will stay until 9.45 for an extra practice with Coralie (thanks Cozzie).

As per my previous email, we will meet outside Guildford Chapel at 2.30pm on Saturday to warm up for our 3pm performance (black and white gear). On Sunday we will meet close to the marquee for warm ups ready for our 11.30am performance (black pants/trousers and bold plain coloured tops).

The song list has been distributed, but we may leave Lonesome Loser just for Sunday. Coralie would like to see how it goes.

The AGM is on Thursday 20th (during our coffee break). Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will not be nominating for the Board this time. So far, we have a nomination for Treasurer, Secretary and 3 general Board members and I am using my persuasive powers in the background regarding a new President, but we do need someone else to step up to be on the Board. Don’t be shy!!!

That’s all folks and I will see you later tonight. Due to other self-inflicted reasons, I have only a small voice – those Bootleg Beatles made me sing all last night!!!!!