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President's Update 23.1.20

Hi guys,

Another good sing last night. Can you please take some time this week to really go over Fix You, take a listen to the recordings again and make sure we are all on track. This piece is set to be the real highlight of the fundraiser event, so if we could all get it at as tight as possible that would be awesome - thanks.

Bushfire Relief Gig - Ticket sales are going well online, can we all keep encouraging our contacts to buy tickets on TryBooking as it really will give us a good indication regarding numbers. There may be limited door sales on the night and pre-purchased tickets will really make the process of entry to the gig a lot easier. Also, pre-buying keeps the cash levels onsite down, which is a requirement of the school.

Performance costume on the night will be full blacks.

Current songlist may include:

Fix You

Hit the Road Jack

Let my Love Open the Door

Stand by Me

Concrete and Clay

Helplessly Hoping

Dock of the Bay

When the Earth Stands Still

Birds Lullaby

In addition, we have been invited to join in singing Hallelujah when Iris are performing. Our accompanying parts can be found on the website.

Peppermint have also opened their rehearsal at the beginning for any of us to attend to go through Fix You. This will be the same as at our own rehearsal, with a warm up and some work on Fix You with the 2 choirs together. If you can attend, please try to come along.

Details are:

St Stephens Uniting Church Hall

2 MacKenzie Rd,


Rehearsal starts: 7.00pm on a Tuesday

Fees are now due. Thanks for all who have paid already.

Have a great week everyone,



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