• Vicki

From the President 23rd Aug

Hi Guys

Some discussions and outcomes from our Board meeting:

  1. Cottesloe: $774.87 made after expenses

  2. Back up singers for solos: Coralie will designate and let you know

  3. Christmas Carols: response overwhelmingly positive to practising for five minutes or so each session and to learning words and performing. This should make it easier as we approach Christmas and we will not have to take all our sessions for carols closer to the time. Being mindful that there are new people plus lots to learn, we can put some on large sheets of paper and hang over our TRS sign if necessary! Today we sang Carol of the Birds and Gaudete (for the absentees to know!) White Christmas next week.

  4. Suggested that a sectional practice would be beneficial prior to our upcoming performances for new songs

  5. Suggested that we send 2 song choices each, if interested, to Board and Coralie, who will decide whether they are suitable to arrange or buy. Once the list has been culled somewhat , the whole choir can vote on what to include in our repertoire. We have enough for this year, but would be great to plan ahead for next.

  6. AGM Thursday 20th September. All positions open and available! Please send your nomination to me.

Other items:

North Perth Choir Bash: Sunday: Starts at 1.30 North Perth Town Hall. Black pants, bold coloured top. We are now on in the second half so we can warm up at the break.

Guildford: Saturday, wear Black and White, Sunday wear black pants and bold coloured top

Soroptimists: 7th October. McLarty Hall, cnr McLarty and Watts Td, Shoalwater. First set 2pm – 2.45pm 2nd set: 3.15pm – 4pm. Hall open from 1.00pm for set up.

Dunsborough programme has been sent but we have not been given the times I’ve requested (grovelled!), so I’ve asked if they can be changed. We are, however, singing on the Saturday night this year which is good.